Vianovo is a boutique management consultancy that       specializes in high-stakes brand, policy and crisis issues.   

   Since 2005, we've helped companies and causes position their       brands and move public opinion. Defeat bad legislation and       adapt to new regulations. Manage crises and recover from       them. Expand into new markets and across borders.

How We Work

  • direct_engagement
    Direct Engagement
    Our senior leaders deliver hands-on service in every client relationship. We don't show up at proposals and then hand off engagements to junior staff.
  • deep_collaboration
    Deep Collaboration
    We don't have all the answers and don't pretend to. Some of our best work has come from helping clients articulate and bring their own ideas to life.
  • focusonaction
    Focus on action
    We like to make things happen, not make reports sit on shelves. This often means speaking hard truths to senior management to break false concerns.
  • communication
    Clear Communication
    We don't like consulting jargon and try to avoid it. We agree with Winston Churchill that "...short words are the best, and old words best of all."
  • fact_based_a
    Fact-based analysis
    We are data-driven people. We value facts and experience, not intuition and theory - this often leads us to challenge long-held beliefs.
  • perspective
    Sense of Perspective
    Our clients work hard. We work hard. The work is important, but life's short. A sense of humor and understanding of life beyond work is part of our DNA.