Washington Update - September 16, 2019

Billy Moore

The consequences of President Donald Trump's diversion of funds from the Departments of Defense and Treasury to build border walls is coming to a head as Congress prepares legislation to avoid another government shutdown when the fiscal year ends on September 30. Most Democrats and some Republicans consider the diversions nominally legal yet clearly unconstitutional.

Student Protest

Higher Education Infographic

Blaine Bull

In the last 15 years, big-name universities have built extremely valuable brands and are seeing unprecedented growth. However, in the current era of increased scrutiny, higher education faces significant public risks.

Starbucks V3

How Starbucks Calmed a Brewing Crisis

Mike Shannon

Starbucks recently put on a crisis management clinic after a social media post showed two African-American men being arrested for no apparent reason at one of their Philadelphia stores on Thursday April 12. The coffee giant moved with incredible speed and took decisive action.