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Billy Moore worked in his first of over 50 election campaigns when Richard Nixon was president. He joined U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen's staff during the Ford Administration. During a 26-year congressional career, Billy served in the House and Senate; the taxing, spending and budget committees; he was chief of staff to two U.S. Representatives. Billy left Congress in 2001 and joined Vianovo in 2006.

Billy's congressional and campaign experience helped him win tax initiatives for real estate clients, defeat Medicare and Medicaid restrictions on healthcare providers, pass a highway bill and implement a sales strategy for a worldwide information technology provider. He has organized coalitions of finance corporations, real estate associations, local elected officials, and Texas employers.

Billy is a guest lecturer at the United States War College and John Hopkins University Center for Strategic and International Studies. Politico’s top political reporter Mike Allen calls Billy “Washington’s Favorite Texan.” He attended The University of Texas at Austin.