Partnering with Startups & Investors

Vianovo Ventures

Through our Vianovo Ventures arm, led by former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Antonio Garza, we partner with startups and investor groups through sweat equity, commissions, and other entrepreneurial arrangements.

  • Served as the exclusive marketer and distributor of a U.S. company's flagship public safety product in Mexico
  • Provided strategic public policy guidance to investors on the formation and funding of a new power generation entity in Texas
  • Developed an alliance with the world's third largest entertainment company focused on expanding to Latin America
  • Facilitated the sourcing of $1 million in growth funding for a U.S.-based technology company's expansion to Mexico
  • Advised a social networking startup on business development and sales channels

Cross-Border Sales and Investments

We partner with U.S. companies and investors seeking to access and develop new markets, customers, projects and capital in Latin America – and vice versa. We have a special focus on cross-border product expansion from the U.S. to Mexico and Mexico to the U.S.

Media & Technology Startups

In recent years, there has been a surge in tech and media platforms and products targeting the political and philanthropic markets. Vianovo Ventures has deep expertise and strong relationships in these markets and can serve as a vital partner for strategy, planning and business development.

Large Infrastructure Projects

The success of large-scale infrastructure projects (energy, transportation, water, etc) is often driven by public communications and government affairs. Vianovo Ventures can plug into a leadership team and help you navigate and win on these issues.