CASE STUDY: Brand Repositioning

Needing re-branding campaign to quell controversy & outcry

An investor-owned electric utility, following a period of controversy and public outcry, retained Vianovo for a top to bottom re-branding campaign to address employee, customer, and regulatory concerns.

Vianovo designed and executed this campaign using qualitative and quantitative baseline research and message development, customer satisfaction surveys, paid and earned media, stronger legislative advocacy, and a new community relations program in the company's service territory.

The marketing campaign was developed and executed directly through the President and General Counsel, using existing company resources and communications channels and creating new communications channels where they did not exist.

Target audiences were employees, customers (industrial, commercial and residential), decision-makers within the service territory (mayors, county elected officials, local chamber and economic development officials, etc.), legislative and regulatory decision-makers in the state Capitol, and the media - both statewide and in the company's service territory.

Over a two-year period, the re-branding initiative was a resounding success.  Vianovo helped the electric utility achieve a customer satisfaction of 94% positive, overall growing the business and enabling the company to move forward and put controversies in the past.