CASE STUDY: International Brand Management

Facing regulatory & public image challenges in the U.S. & Mexico

A global financial institution faced an array of regulatory and public image challenges in the U.S. and Mexico, threatening its brand equity and market position. 

The situation, initially complicated by threats in the legal arena, required ongoing action, in both the U.S. and Mexico.  Working directly with the firm's top executives, Vianovo developed an integrated, bi-national strategy to address these issues.

In Mexico, Vianovo advised the company on Mexico-related government, community, and media affairs issues, providing insight into Mexican government actions and processes and assisting the company in beginning an intensive communications effort with key stakeholders.

In the U.S., the Vianovo team conducted research to assess the company's image, created issue-driven initiatives, undertook positioning activities with third-party advocacy and policy groups, and developed strategies to position the company within key consumer markets.

Company officials attribute improvement in brand position and company image to the bi-national, coordinated public affairs strategy, which has led to increased sales and a stronger market position.