CASE STUDY: New Market Entry

Positioning a think tank for a major market shift

A premiere independent think tank with a gold-plated brand for providing objective analysis need to make a market shift.

Primarily focused on federal government departments and agencies, they wanted to assess its market potential as a management consultant to the private sector and develop a positioning and marketing strategy for entry.

In an effort to assess the private sector market for analytical consulting services, Vianovo conducted an extensive research project involving Fortune 500 C-level executives and consulting industry thought leaders, and held internal interviews to understand the think tank’s organizational structure, culture and capabilities. Once completed, the research was turned into a positioning and marketing plan that outlined how the think tank could best overcome critical challenges, what capabilities and resources were needed to execute the plan, and the best possible narrative detailing how to leverage their strengths to enter the market.

Vianovo concluded the engagement with a comprehensive five-step go-forward plan for market entry that included research findings, insights, and recommendations.