CASE STUDY: Philanthropic Advocacy Campaign

Shifting the conversation on global health

One of the world’s leading foundations was worried about the public conversation around global health issues and programs.

They were seeing great successes “on-the-ground” in poor and developing countries but the dialogue back at home was defined by problems, pessimism, and guilt on efforts to fight HIV, malaria and childhood diseases.

This narrative – especially in the midst of global economic challenges and budget deficits – raised the likelihood of freezes or cuts to government funding for global health programs.

The foundation sought a targeted, research-based campaign to begin to shift the discussion to successes, optimism, and opportunity.

Vianovo oversaw an extensive research effort that included in-depth-interviews with political and media opinion leaders, focus groups, and two national surveys.

Based on the research, we designed a groundbreaking message framework for talking about global health.  It shifted communications from problem-based storytelling to progress-based storytelling and emphasized how global health investments lead to healthy, productive, self-sufficient lives.

We then helped the foundation design and launch the Living Proof Project.  It included an online presence, targeted advertising, policy papers, and a major multimedia presentation by foundation leaders to policymakers and opinion leaders.